Giant Voices Media is a premiere podcast and multi-platform audience growth agency. Our team has helped build & monetize some of the largest audiences in the world for brands across multiple industries.

Previous clients include Fortune 500 companies like iHeartRadio, celebrities Chelsea Handler, Tai Lopez, Arianna Huffington, Barbara Corcoran, Anna Faris, and athletes like Arian Foster, Dennis Rodman along with countless others.


Our results-based strategy for individuals is focused on viral messaging directed towards your actual customers. Our team of expert copywriters and viral marketers delivers high impact results that position you as a top 5% thought leader in your industry with guaranteed baseline metrics.

  • 100,000+ organic views per month GUARANTEED (Linkedin)
  • Consulting, brain mapping & custom expert copywriting
  • Authority positioning, viral content (3 posts per week)
  • Seamless workflow for busy entrepreneurs
  • Customized lead sequences targeted towards CEO level (or preferred target)
  • Predictive virality on auto-pilot (top 5% content creator/tought leader on Linkedin)


We combine the power of Linkedin, Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcast to build on omnipresent platform that drives real results. Craft your big idea, attract high authority guests, target your preferred listeners and create a platform to tell your brand story.

  • Big idea brand consulting (Ideation, planning, branding, submission & power launch)
  • 100,000+ organic views per month GUARANTEED (Linkedin)
  • Up to 3000 audience targeted messages/mo
  • Guest booking/guests booked (on request)
  • Ratings, reviews & Spotify promotion
  • Podcast video/asset Creation/sound editing.

Brain Mapping & Copywriting

We start by mind mapping who you are, what you stand for, your goals, expertise and current content database. Then, our expert copywriters and content creators go to work on your campaign.

Authority Positioning & Predictive Virality

We position you as a top 1% expert in your industry. We then craft content based on our predictive virality tools. Our content, analytics tools & CEO level engagement groups allow us to guarantee 100,000+ organic views per month.

Custom Sequencing & Lead Conversions

After creating authority and virality, we focus on custom outreach sequences that convert leads on auto-pilot. We optimize campaigns to target decision makers, high level CEOs or your preferred target.

Streamlined Workflow Authority Leveraging

Our campaigns are built for busy CEO level entrepreneurs with a streamlined workflow. Our clients leverage our success to land high commission sales, high authority guests, Forbes instructor status, authority publication contributor status & more.

Our viral strategies fuel all of
our core services


Giant Voices has relationships with the most reputable advertisers and media buyers in podcasting. We are selective with our brand partnerships, both advertisers and the shows we work with. Our results allow us to command a much higher CPM (2-5X higher than industry standard) for our clients. We offer consistent deal flow, consistent messaging, and new advertiser pushes. This means more money and a better experience for our talent, advertisers, and their listeners.

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