How To Market A Podcast From 0 to 50,000 Listeners

In this episode, Carson talks about how Giant Voices builds the largest podcast audiences in the world! In this episode you will hear about

Our 100,000+ listener network that helps podcasts go viral
How we generate exposure on the Apple Podcast charts
How we help listeners get more ratings/reviews
How guest appearances help grow your audience
How SEO/search can grow your audience
Massive Instagram distribution & powerful press

How To Grow Your Podcast: 20 Tips to grow

Part 2 of Carson Jones’ ebook series discusses 20 things you must do to grow your podcast audience! In this episode, we discuss the importance of starting something (and first being bad at it), we also discuss:

Listing your show on all platforms
How to pre-launch
How to get social proof
Importance of giveaways
Using your podcast to create other content
The importance of guests/guest appearances

How To Start A Podcast: 20 Tips to start

In episode 2, Carson Jones covers his first 20 tips to launching and growing your podcast from the Giant Voices Ebook. These strategies helped the New Hollywood podcast beat Oprah during its launch phase! These tips cover topics like:

What Microphone should I get?
Formatting your show
Recording remote episodes
Naming your show
Creating your cover art
Distributing your podcast everywhere
Optimizing your titles for search

Starting A Podcast Empire: My Story

The story of how I went from selling senior life insurance to running a podcast marketing empire, working with celebrities, fortune 500 companies, NFL pro bowlers and NBA Champions.

4 years ago I changed careers and had no idea what I was doing…

This episode is my story! In future episodes, we will get into how you can grow your podcast, get featured on major publications, and create brand virality!

As always, I answer all questions on Instagram @carsonjoness