Results Driven Podcasting

Start a podcast that generates leads and profits, not just downloads and likes. Our strategy helps entrepreneurs, coaches, business owners and corporations, leverage the power of their podcast to create content, brand their expertise, generate leads, build impactful business relationships, and convert more sales.

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Step 1: Start Your Podcast

  • Ideation
  • Branding/Naming/Cover Art
  • Content Strategy/Episode Planning
  • Intro/Outros/Music
  • Hosting/RSS Feed Optimization
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Record your trailer

Establish Your Brand Credibility

Your podcast is your brand and how your brand is perceived makes a huge difference. Does your brand convey to others that you are THE authority in your industry? If you saw your podcast, would you want to do business with that brand? Starting a podcast is like starting a new business. We work to understand your goals, then develop the brand and content strategy towards reaching those goals.

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Step 2: Record Your Show & Launch Your Podcast

  • Episode structure and planning your episodes
  • Audio production/editing—Record Initial episodes
  • Create video clips (1-minute clips w/ subtitles)- Ads, content, expertise
  • Guest appearances (on our show or a high authority podcast)
  • Ratings/Reviews in your first 30 days (leverage our audience)

Create Content & Credibility

Record great audio that sounds professional while creating content for used for ads, social media and established credibility on LinkedIn (next step). Video content creates trust with customers and future business relationships.

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Step 3: Lead Generation, Guest Booking & Sales Conversions

  • Dedicated sales agent
  • Client calendar coordination and key updates
  • Qualified leads each month
  • Qualified (CEO level) guests booked
  • Guest appearances (continue to expand your network)

Create Content & Credibility

Start conversations with potential customers and create business relationships that grow your bottom line. Our team of copywriters and sales agents boosts your LinkedIn authority while creating qualified leads and powerful (CEO Level) relationships. Qualified leads are scheduled directly on your calendar while important relationships are nurtured by inviting that expert to appear on your podcast. Hosting someone on your podcast is the best way to build an authentic relationship and also creates a natural way to follow up once episodes are live!

Step 4: Funnels, Lead Magnets & Emails

  • Sales funnels
  • Lead magnets
  • Email capture
  • Email series/follow-up sequence
  • Ecommerce/check-out sequence (if needed)

Funnels, Lead Magnets & Emails


Only a small percentage of customers will immediately convert into sales. Your goal is to give yourself the best opportunity to earn their business immediately while staying top of mind in their long-term buying cycle. Create lead magnets (ebooks/value prop), gather emails and implement email sequences that convert more sales.

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