Learn the 40 core strategies to 
take your podcast from idea to 50,000 listeners
Don’t put hours into recording episodes, editing audio, uploading content and making social posts, only to have nobody listen. We take all of the guess work out of starting and growing your podcast with our proven, step by step process. Learn from the team that already helps the biggest brands in the world get more listeners on their podcasts. 
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What Is Giant Voices?
Learn the 40 core strategies to take your podcast from idea to 50,000 listeners
Giant Voices Media is a full turnkey podcast recording studio and audio marketing agency helping people start and grow a podcast through our team of creatives, audio technicians and viral marketing experts. Whether you are in the idea phase, just starting or trying to grow your audience to 50,000 subscribers, we have done it all. 
Trusted by the biggest brands in podcasting
How we beat Oprah when New Hollywood launched
In this e-book you will learn:
  • 5 Celebrity case studies
  • Tips to find your niche/voice
  • Creating a brand around your podcast
  • Hosting/Distribution to get your podcast everywhere
  • Podcast Marketing/SEO to increase visibility
  • How to leverage social/giveaways to grow a massive audience
  • Why you must become a community industry expert
  • How to book guests/guest appearances to grow your audience
Take your podcast & brand to the next level
  • Podcast Marketing: Reach over 100,000+ new listeners organically
  • Guest Booking: Let our team book the most influential guests in the world for your podcast
  • Get Booked: Headline as a guest on the biggest name podcasts and largest audiences in podcasting
  • Public Relations: Get your podcast featured on the biggest publications in the world
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