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Giant Voices has set the industry standard for podcast growth and marketing. Host Carson Jones, founder of Giant Voices, shares tips to growing your podcast and building your brand. Every week, Carson interviews the most influential creators in digital media today. The Giant Voices podcast brings you insights on podcast growth, social media growth, getting booked in press, going viral and other strategies to take your brand to the next level.

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Hoopsnation, Hip Hop, Twitch & TikTok | Buster Scher

Hoopsnation, Hip Hop, Twitch & TikTok | Buster Scher

Buster Scher took a lifelong obsession with sports and turned it into a successful career. At age 15, he founded Hoopsnation, which now has over 800,000 followers on Instagram and does millions of impressions online. Along the way, he had a radio show with the NBA,...

Credit Card Secrets, Travel Hacks & $82K in Debt

Credit Card Secrets, Travel Hacks & $82K in Debt

Yan Stavisski was $82K in debt when he decided to learn how credit works! Now he's financially free! He leverages credit to build businesses, book first-class flights and stay at the nicest resorts in the world while paying pennies on the dollar! Yan shares some of...

Hip Hop, Culture, Mark Cuban & Perspective | Johnny Rapp

Hip Hop, Culture, Mark Cuban & Perspective | Johnny Rapp

On this episode... Johnny Rapp, Founder of J Rapp Media. At age 12, Johnny created and built some of the largest viral twitter accounts like @HipHop. At age 16 he was doing deals with Mark Cuban. He now works with the biggest hip hop artists and media companies in the...

Testimonials & Featured Clients

When I first started my podcast, we were struggling to hit the rankings and hadn’t clipped the top 200 in sports. Since working with Carson (and Giant Voices) we have consistently been in the rankings. They understand the world of podcasting better than anyone else!

Buster Scher, Founder @ HoopsNation


Carson and Giant Voices have changed my life from podcasting. Their team has helped me grow my podcast audience, consistently rank on Apple charts, gained hundreds of new reviews and helped expand my brand from my podcast.

Casey Adams, CEO @ Build Your Empire

Giant Voices has helped me scale my podcast up the charts! They take all of the work out of podcasting by helping people get started, produce great shows, distribute and market podcasts better than anyone in the world.

John Danes, CEO @ 99 Media

When we launched New Hollywood, we were looking to get more exposure and put our show on the map. With the help of Carson and his team, we were able to outperform Oprah on the charts and create buzz around our show.

Ashwin Jacob, CEO @ New Hollywood

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