Chelsea Handler: Life Will Be the Death of Me

Chelsea Handler

Listen to Chelsea Handler’s first ever podcast series featuring candid, hilarious conversations about her life, her work and where she’s
headed next. The series is an entertaining, raw, smart, funny, heartbreaking and honest memoir of Chelsea’s life changing year of
self-discovery, healing and growth. The podcast features interviews with celebrities such as Connie Britton, Jake Tapper, Sean Hayes,
Mary McCormack and more.

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The Situation

Chelsea Handlers podcast has built a large audience, from her celebrity stature and large social media following. Her team wanted to take her show to the next level and continue the momentum of her launch.

Our Work

Our continuous campaigns pushed Chelsea Handlers “Life Will Be the Death of Me” into the top 20 overall podcast rankings consistently for over 3 months. Chelsea Handlers show has become one of the largest branded comedy podcasts in the world over that time.

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