Evan Holladay

Evan Holladay is a successful real estate developer and investor, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, podcaster and blogger. On Monumental, we sit down with entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, creatives, BIG thinkers, and those helping shape our future. We will talk mindset and motivation, big vision, what makes them tick, and how all of us can achieve our own success, learning from their mistakes and experiences. Find out more at

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The Situation

Evan Holladay has built a huge presence in the real estate community for his work in multifamily development. He wanted to continue connecting with potential listeners interested in real estate and entrepreneurship.

Our Work

After just a month of working together, Monumental became a top 150 podcast and gained over 100+ new ratings from our listener campaigns. Evans podcast has attracted business moguls like David Meltzer, Elena Cardone, Michael Burt and many others. It has become the go-to podcast for multi-family real estate investors.

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