New Hollywood

Ashwin Jacob

Welcome Most podcasts suck. The hosts suck up to the guests; you don’t learn anything useful that can help you network and progress, especially in a hyper-competitive town like Hollywood. This podcast will not be like that. It’s less of a podcast and more of a secret invite to Hollywood insiders giving away their secrets.

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The Situation

New Hollywood launched a star-studded podcast with guests that included fashion mogul Chris “Drama” Pfaff, marketing superstar Fam Mizra, celebrity jeweler Peter Marco and some of Hollywoods biggest insiders. For a brand new podcast, it’s almost unfathomable to book celebrities of that stature, but through our vast network and extensive celebrity contacts, we were able to book some of the biggest guests in the world to appear on our show.

Our Work

After booking the talent, the goal was then to create attention and press around the launch of the podcast. We were able to partner with LA’s best studio, Kast Media to create the best recording and viewing experience in the industry. We then launched a massive campaign via social media and our internal listener networks that helped New Hollywood amass nearly 400 ratings, hundreds of written reviews and the podcast surpassed Oprah on the Apple Podcast top 50 charts.

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