Start Up Addict

Nick Swinmurn founder Nick Swinmurn breaks down entrepreneurship like never before in this new podcast brought to you from the Fated Brands studios in Burlingame California

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The Situation

Nick Swinmurn was starting a brand new podcast and wanted to generate initial exposure and listeners to his podcast. Nick had no previous experience hosting a podcast but loved the platform because it gave him a chance to share business knowledge and return value to the community.

Our Work

After launching The Start Up addict, we aggressively started marketing the podcast, pushing it into the iTunes top 50 and generating over 100+ ratings/reviews in the first month. Through our help, The Start Up addict went from 0 listeners to over 10,000+ unique listeners per month, consistently reaching the iTunes top 50. The Start Up Addict now has over 500+ ratings/reviews, less than a year into the shows creation.

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