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Giant Voices Media is the premiere podcast and multi-platform viral growth agency. Marketers, CEOs, VC’s, Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, and Podcasters all face the same issue. You need your customers attention and you need them to respect your expertise. Most people miss step 1, authority positioning. You can yell about how great your service is and chase customers.

That leads to burnout & exhaustion. Instead, What if you could position yourself as THE authority in your space? What if your customers were EXCITED when they got on the phone with you? After working with celebrity clients for over 5 years, we understand the power of influence, celebrity & positioning. Now, we’re bringing those concepts to the rest of the world.

01.Brain Mapping & Copywriting

We start by mind mapping who you are, what you stand for, your goals, expertise, and current content database. Then, expert copywriters and content creators go to work on your campaign, We post 3x per week based on what content is most likely to go viral.

02.Authority Positioning & Virality

We position you as a top 1% expert in your industry. We then craft content based on our predictive virality tools. Our analytics tools, predictive virality & content database allow us to guarantee 100,000+ organic views per month on your profile, creating an omnipresent brand.

03. Custom Messaging & Lead Nurturing

Coming from a position of authority, we craft personalized messages and target your preferred customers to start authentic conversations at scale with your ideal audience. Our team guides you on how to manage these leads and our team can handle all of your leads on auto-pilot.

04.Lead Management & Conversions

Our team of experts manages all inbound responses and turns conversations into conversions. Our strategy brings 25-30+ hot leads scheduled on your calendar every month and positions you to close more deals. Drive them to your website, calendar, video demos and more.

05.Authority Leveraging

Building a high-authority, reputable brand opens door to opportunities you never could have imagined. Our clients have leveraged our campaign success to land high authority interviews, paid speaking gigs, media requests, celebrity relationships, and more.

06.Analyze, Pivot & Repeat

We are your partner in these campaigns and many of our clients become partners. Each month we provide real-time analytics, advanced feedback, and discuss our targets for the next month. We are entrepreneurs and our focus is always on bigger goals for you and your brand.


Linkedin allows you to gain presence with an influential audience with purchasing power. Our posts regularly hit 100,000+ views & reach decision-makers at companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, JP. Morgan, Ernst & Young, UBS, and other fortune 500's that will change your business. What is the ROI of reaching over 1.2 Million+ people per year, branded expert content, and consistent messaging?


Our campaigns help entrepreneurs create leverage to advance their brands and businesses by achieving category celebrity status. After positioning our clients as experts, they save years of dedicated hard work needed to build this status on their own. Our clients have become Forbes instructors, Best-Selling authors, raised Millions in VC capital, high-authority interviews, paid speaking gigs, media requests, celebrity relationships, and much more.

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